Trinidad & Tobago (TSTT)

Rate Per Minute: In Country
Peak Airtime
In-Country-Fixed: US $0.70
In-Country-Mobile: US $0.70

Rate Per Minute: To Guyana
Peak International Toll
Guyana-Fixed: US $1.19
Guyana-Mobile: US $1.19
Tax: 15 % on voice calls

Other Charges
Incoming Calls from Guyana (Cellink Plus Int Rate)
Peak Toll per Minute: GUY $72.24 (pre-tax)
Off-peak Toll per Minute: GUY $50.57 (pre-tax)
Incoming Calls Airtime: US $0.70

Making Call In-Country: Billing Regime
National Peak: All days and times
International Peak: 7:01 am to 10:59 p.m ever
Initial Units (in-country): 1 minute
Following Units (in-country): 1 minute
Initial Units (international): 1 minute
Following Units (international): 1 minute
Cost Begins When: Party Answers

Supplementary & Special Services
Call Bar: Supported
Call Forwarding: Supported
Call Waiting: Supported
Conference Call: Supported
Short Code - Voicemail:
Short Code - Customer Service: 0

Supplementary & Special Services Billing
Call Bar: Free
Call Forwarding Activate/Deactivate: Free
Call Forward Use: Standard airtime & toll apply to diverted leg
Call Waiting: Standard airtime & toll apply
Conference Call: Standard airtime & toll apply on all legs
Directory Asst: Standard airtime of US $0.70/call applies
Operator Asst: Standard airtime of US $0.70/min applies
Toll-Free Numbers: Standard airtime of US $0.70/min applies

Network Information
System Type: 1800
Handset Display (1): TSTT
Handset Display (2):
Customer Care:
Directory Enquiries: 6411
International Enquiries:
Emergency Services: 990, 999, 112, 911
International Access Code: ''+'' or 011
Web Address: