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About Textmas Promotion

  • Promotion is open to both post and prepaid mobile subscribers and is based soley on SMS
  • The promotion is a two staged promotion, the first stage is a daily SMS interactive game that awards players with daily minutes. The second stage is a sweepstakes raffle that awards subscribers with the grand prize of a car

First stage

  • Subscribers would be required to send a "subscription Text" with the word 'win' to 620-PLAY(7529) to enter into the daily interactive SMS game contest.
  • In response to the subscription text the subscriber would receive eight questions to respond to.
  • Once all 8 questions are correct the sub would be given an hour of free talk.
  • Free talk would be promotional minutes that entitle subscriber to on network (GTT Mobile to GTT Mobile) calls only
  • Only prepaid customers will enjoy the free talk time
  • The completion of the 8 questions correctly enters the subscriber into the monthly prize. An electronic coupon would be generated

Second Stage

  • all subscribers with an electronic coupon would be entered into the monthly draw for the grand prizes
  • Ten persons would be chosen electronically to partake in the game show to select the winners of the three prizes.
  • Text Messages cost
  • Prepaid Subscribers Texting to 620-PLAY (7529) cost $30.00 per text (exclusive of VAT)
  • PostPaid Subscribers Text cost $8.00 per text (Exclusive of VAT)
  • Checking electronic Coupons awarded to Subscriber
  • subscriber can check the amount of coupons by sending a text message to *109
  • Redemption of free talk Hour
  • Promotional minutes awarded for this campaign would be redeemable during the periods of 20:00hrs and 23:59 hrs. after this period all promotional minutes rewarded for the day would be expired
  • The maximum number of free talk a customer can enjoy is four hours

Monthly Prizes

  • Motor Bike
  • Airfare to caribbean destination
  • Mazda RX8 sports car





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