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Motorola SLVR L9


Motorola have continued their tradition of the RAZR-like designed phones and the L-series has a new member, the SLVR L9. This phone is a direct successor of the L7 model and they do have a lot in common. In fact, they have almost no difference.

This handset is mainly targeted at the mid-range personal use. It doesn’t have some business enhancements or any media gadgets to offer, so its main purpose is to serve telephony to the users. With a new keypad, added EDGE supportand FM radio and a more powerful camera, L9 is headed to replace the older SLVR model and probably make some new friends on the way.



  • Stylish looks
  • Very solid construction
  • microSD memory card slot
  • GPRS & EDGE - both Class 10
  • FM radio with RDS
  • 2 megapixel camera

Price: $ 18,322
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