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Motorola W175

Motorola’s easy-to-use, thin CSTN color candybar W175/180 delivers all the tools to help users stay connected. The device is an affordable, easy-to use, attractive and high-quality mobile phone, with the added benefit of crystal clear communications and music with a built-in FM radio (W180 only- optional headphones required in order to listen to the radio).

Full Functionality, No Tech Degree Required
The easy-to-use form factor gives you access to all of the tools you need – phone, data, music – in an intuitive user interface. The friendly FM radio (W180 only) and SMS interfaces, combined with a large display and sleek keypad, deliver an enjoyable navigation and viewing experience. And long battery life allows plenty of standby time and talk time between charges.


  • GSM 900/1800 and GSM 850/1900
  • 590 minutes of talk time and 465 hours of standby time
  • Clear communication and optimized ringtones even in noisy environments with CrystalTalk technology
  • 500 internal phonebook and 750 SMS inbox storage for all your messages and phone numbers
  • Take music with you with a built-in FM radio with stereo support and enhanced FM radio UI (W180 only)
  • Personalize the device with access to 40 downloadable iMelody ringtones¹USB 1.1 for charging
  • Sleek black form factor

Price: $ 5,540
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