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GT&T has established itself as a progressive full service telephone company which continuously seeks to provide state of art technology in keeping with international standards.

bluebookSince its acquisition by Atlantic Tele Network (ATN) 16 years ago, the company can boast of being a key to business development in Guyana, allowing business full and easy access to the global village.

Amidst the climate of liberalization, continued challenges from the regulators and impending competition, GT&T will continue to offer the wide range affordable quality of service to our customers.

The Background
Those of us old enough would remember the state of telecommunication in Guyana before the advent of GT&T in 1991. As a country, we suffered from the poorest infrastructure and service.

The technology was obsolete and the equipment antiquated. Social contact, communication, and business were greatly affected, and many foreign investors expressed a reluctance to do business in a country with such poor infrastructure.

Something needed to be done urgently if Guyana were ever to develop. The telecommunication industry needed to be rescued.

The Birth of GT&T
Towards the end of the 1980s the Government of Guyana took a decision to privatize telecommunications as part of a broader economic reform programme and sought the participation of private investors in the sector.

Government advertised for local or foreign investors with access to the capital, technology, and skills so critically necessary for the revitalization of the industry.

It was ATN who took up the challenge.

In 1990, the Parties signed an Agreement in which ATN acquired eighty percent of the telephone company and the Government retained twenty. When this Agreement was consummated, the new Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company Limited replaced the Guyana Telecommunication Corporation.
GT&T commenced operations on January 28, 1991.


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